Flexi 22.0.2 Release Notes Build 3852 11/21/2022

Flexi 22 New Features

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows 11 (x64)
  • Windows 10 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Windows 8.1 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

Installing on a Mac using parallels or bootcamp is not recommended and not supported.


New Features

  • Ability to remove white under the black color when printing white under and to adjust white density under the black color
  • Print barcode IDs with Summa barcodes
  • Option to change distance between Kala trimmers blades in the Marks section
  • Option to duplicate jobs in the Production Manage queue



  • Added popup message when SAi Connect button is clicked in Flexi if SAi Connect is not installed
  • Label option is now unchecked and disabled when a cutter mark is selected (cannot print labels with cutter registration marks)



  • Grace period changes from 7 to 3 days for expired subscription license
  • Removed Send to Virtual Sign from Flexi 22.0.2. Sent to VS is no longer supported


Bug Fixes

  • Addressed chart size issue for X-Rite i1 Pro3
  • Installing driver files for Epson SC-P906 from cloud
  • Catch Exception error when printing to Epson SC906
  • Mutoh VC-1800 not lifting blade between cuts
  • Missing VLCD print control form driver options in GCC JF-240UF
  • Addressed print quality issue with Epson SC-V7000 driver
  • CMYK gradient from illustrator coming in as solid color
  • Adding barcode to print only job
  • Error in Color Profile Adjustment when entering RGB values
  • Not able to add plt files to cutter job queues
  • SVG imports in Flexi with two layers instead of one
  • Issue with font styles for Adobe fonts
  • Incorrect Roman character orientation for vertical text
  • Improved RIP speed performance when mapping spot color as spot but ripping as process
  • Installer freezes while installing Bonjour
  • Preview and output not matching when label width not matching OPOS marks
  • Missing elements when ripping pdf file
  • Canon GP poll size not working
  • Typing in “TAB” space stretching character to TAB space width
  • Incorrect file date after saving
  • When changing width of the label, job changes position as well
  • Seiko M64-S driver options not sending correctly from RIP and Print dialog (such as uni or bidirectional print)
  • Loading of Cut & Plot options from Flexi 8.5 files
  • Roland GR2 Crop Marks not printing
  • Applying margin to Cut Along Page Border for nested images
  • PM Crashes adding Photoshop TIFF files
  • Measuring colors in Color Mapping not changing CMYK values
  • Printing ripped RTL file produces RTL error
  • PDF containing DeviceN images imports incorrectly
  • Issues adding Azon Matrix series 2 UV and UV Pro drivers to Production Manager
  • Not printing to Mimaki TS100-160
  • Error saving prt files on Roland IU when port is set to “folder”
  • Moving cut job from one cutter queue to another will not keep number of copies
  • Missing cut mark for Roland VersaCAMM VP 540i in Flexi Designer
  • HP barcode printed on both top and bottom even though only one is selected
  • Braille position shifting when older versions of files with braille opened in Flexi 22
  • Font not exporting correctly to Adobe Illustrator file
  • Additional tools flyout open in wrong position
  • Greek characters not showing correctly
  • Importing PDF file and choosing Link option creates an error
  • Incorrect image size after importing into Designer
  • Importing multipage pdf places pages one on top of another
  • Registration marks not aligned when splitting job in layers
  • Rational Angled Screen dither type generated only 1-bit output
  • Handling font weight attributes while importing svg file
  • Certain EPS and PDF files do not open correctly when imported. Objects are shifted.
  • Fix typing of Arabic text
  • Summa cutting only first set/panel of OPOS marks
  • Inverted Variable Under with Choke for white prints extra lines
  • Flexi would generate the same barcode IDs for Graphtec if different cut paths were sent from the same document
  • Nesting hybrid jobs does not create cut layers/file
  • Scandinavian characters not displayed correctly when Auto Serialization is used
  • Job is rendered with overprint even when the overprint attribute is not set
  • Menus incorrect when custom shortcuts are created for French version of Flexi
  • Inconsistent job layouts with Mutoh 2 cut marks
  • Fixed problem with Flexi not finding remote Production Manager on the network
  • Adjusting layer attributes causing Flexi to crash
  • Jig template printing cropped left and bottom when media margin is used
  • When adding jobs to PM and “copy to job folder” option is checked, empty folders are created at the original location
  • Tile panel margin incorrect when trying to reset to 0
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