Flexi 22.0.3 Release Notes Build 4084 4/19/2023

Flexi 22 New Features

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows 11 (x64)
  • Windows 10 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • Windows 8.1 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

Installing on a Mac using parallels or bootcamp is not recommended and not supported.



• A warning is now displayed when an incorrect value is typed for the
object dimension in Design Central
• Support GCC 4-Point Positioning marks in GCC Jaguar drivers
• AmJobView added to Flexi installation.
• Option to allow vertical line on the left side of the print when using
Kala marks
• Set Graphtec default cutter options to NONE, this will match GSP and
use defaults from cutter
• Updated the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Solid Coated and
Uncoated Libraries to include 224 new color identities and 5 new base

Bug Fixes

• Upper right "Close" button from Color Profiler does not close the
• When using SAi Automatic Mark 3 the intermediate registration
marks get clipped
• No preview when opening a certain job in the loading state
• Production Manager closes while ripping files and adding pdf at the
same time
• Euro symbol (€) now comes in correctly to v21 when saving the files
from v22 as v21 format
• Nested jobs with center alignment are sometimes clipped
• Copies are missing from nested job preview after resizing one of the
• Printing incomplete Custom Spot Color Mapping list
• When using custom spot color for contour cut the color changes
• PRT file preview not showing in the printer controller software
• For certain devices the user cannot go back when adding a setup
• Error Messages after adding Epson SC-T7700D driver in Production
• Resetting the position of nested jobs with manual nesting after
reopening Job Properties
• CutContour is not completed when using Transparency tab to create
• When installing driver for v22, folder for v21 would be created
• Nested CC jobs cut offset on Summa S1 D140
• “Add setup failed" when adding Mimaki TCP-1000 device
• Gradient sent from Flexi not previewing correctly in Production
• Send cut path from the job option from Default Job Properties not
applied to a new job
• ICC profiles specified in job ticket file is not applied to a job
• Adding spacing between artwork and a barcode makes Summa look
for marks in the wrong spot
• ContourCut Job with barcode and opos marks from Designer cuts on
wrong side.
• Summa D140 R XY Line will not print
• When selecting White Type 'Under Color', white removed under the
black until switched to transparency tab
• Memory leak when importing vectors with embedded ICC profiles
• Improving speed when importing file with gradients created of Lab
• Object would overlap after nesting in Designer
• When creating a layered job, “child” job preview is not visible
• Horizontal tiling preview not in correct order
• Cannon imagePROGRAF TM-300 removed 1200 resolution from
media that does not support it
• Create transparent background incorrectly applied to PNG/TIFF data
• A line is added to the printing when Contrast is boosted in Color
Adjustment Tab
• Design Central Color trace small color icons
• Perpetual Flexi would freeze when connected to network without
internet connection
• Braille from Flexi 22 shifts position when opened in Flexi 21 and 19
• Incorrect label position after using Break Apart for multi-page
• Color Management doesn't apply different ICC profiles to front and
back image when using Sandwich mode
• Improved Speed when creating transparent background for
“complex” images
• RIP process would freeze if trying to show separation preview for
another job
• Cloud Window still looking for connection on offline installation
• Decimal separator issue on Norwegian locale
• The user can not reopen the JP after setting the Jig size to be bigger
than the media size
• Fotoba mark is partially printed when is used with Step and Repeat
and Labels
• The preview is not updating when changing ignore overprint options
in the "Preview output channels" tab
• PDF Gradient issue importing into 21 or 22 (InDesign compatibility
• When sending a cut job from Flexi to GX-640 alignment from left
bottom corner changes to right
• PU command wrong in .PLT using Aristo driver
• Poll size not working for Mutoh VJ-1324X over TCP/IP
• Roland GS-24 scans only 3 out of 4 marks
• Fix handling of CMYK TIFF with unassociated alpha channel.
• Bullet Points don't work in flexi 22
• Issue importing PDF X4 files
• ColorBox driver is not generating the tiff files
• Wrong Data Format when sending "repeat job" on Mimaki UCJV300-
• Epson P700 communication issue
• Some text from old version of Flexi (v12) not render on File /Open
• Mimaki CG-160 FXII Plus cutter can't find cut job using ID Cut
• Print mode Error 206 on printer panel when sending to Mimaki JV300 PLUS
• Maki issue importing PDF files from Windows 11 Scan App
• Transparency issue with for PDF X1A version 4 and 5
• Gradient preview in Production Manager
• Graphtec FC9000-160 (error E05015) when sending nested print/cut
job with barcode
• hpldrlgl.dll Production Manager crash when sending jobs to HP and
another printer manufacturer
• Line being added when using contrast is busted in Color Adjustment
• Difference in how profile is applied to Spot Color Mapping between
v21 and v22
• Duplicated Grapthec BC ID's when starting datalink server
• Edit Template Border showing Chinese characters
• Error message using Scandinavian Characters in data file for Auto
• Error Messages after adding Epson SC-T7700D Setup
• Error loading or saving preset when the locale has comma as decimal
point symbol.
• RIP Error on PDF with ICC profile on EPSON SC-T3170
• Mimaki ID Cut barcode not visible when creating Cut Contour Marks
in Flexi
• Issue with pattern in PDF file when 30,000 pixel square was used as
tilling pattern
• Production Manager would freeze while adding PDF file when
printing at the same time
• Registration mark embedded into job Mutoh VJ-1624x and Mutoh
• Registration marks in R&P window don't match Production Manager
• RIP error while using DIP Tech driver
• The user can not decrease Cut along page border margins
• The user can not reopen the JP after setting the Jig size greater than
the media size
• Tiles not printed in correct order and not matching in the overlap
• Braille position when exporting as older Flexi file format
• Tilling order preview incorrect
• Mismatch between display values and Lab values for Pantone color
used in contour path
• Windows 11 Scan App pdf does not import
• Wrong Data Format when sending "repeat job" on Mimaki UCJV300-
• Sending Variable Data Objects: Overlapping Objects in front not
visible in Production Manager

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