Adendo - (Training for Flexi & EnRoute Users)

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We all need a little help from time to time

Whether you need just a few minutes online or several days in your shop, Adendo can arrange to help you. Adendo, the Learning & Development Department of SAi, is ready to assist SAi customers in several ways.


eCourses allow you to learn online in a self-paced manner. Choose a subject such as Flexi, EnRoute Basics, Color Management and more and then choose when you want to learn using our online video training system. These courses are led by certified training expert Mark Rugen and have hours of videos, essential downloads and examples that will allow you to use what he teaches in your day-to-day work right away.

The Flexi User Community

The Flexi User Community is a private, safe discussion forum where professionals can discuss Flexi issues, assist one another with solutions, share files, and get the help of industry experts. In addition, all community members receive discounts on any training modules and eCourses and can attend any online seminar hosted by SAi for free. Better and more powerful than any Facebook group!

Virtual Training Classes

Get live, one on one training from an industry expert (Adendo Advisor). You can set the agenda with your advisor or take one of several predesigned classes designed to help you dive into your software. Our Adendo Advisors have their own shops, so the virtual training is coming from someone who knows the daily needs of a shop owner.

On-Site Training

Let one of our Adendo Advisors come to your shop for some hands one, customized training for you and your staff. Whether it's a day or several days, you will have the best industry expert help you and your staff with the set up and use of your software and equipment.

You can schedule a time that is convenient for you on a variety of topics, even outside the scope of Flexi and Enroute, such as printer and cutter setups, materials, complex print jobs, colors, business advice, and so much more. Most of these occur online via a video call, but in some cases an Advisor may be able to come to you on-site.


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