Enroute 23 Release Notes SP1 11/14/2023

Bug fixes

- MPR import fails in metric systems

- Corner Entry with Kerf Comp and ATP

- Output selected: Only selected strategies and tools should be displayed in the ordering of the output window

- Channel tag option is only available for the rough pass

- Rough pass cuts all the way through when setting a step rough of .03

- Merge Reliefs does not allow group selections

- Spiral fill cannot be a saved into a toolpath plan

- Revolve feature (modify relief) bug: when contours to-be-revolved and revolution axis touch it creates 45 degree angled swipes

- feed rate type disappears when selecting Meters/min or Meters/sec

- Layers, move-up option moves a layer up and then down

- Braille solution does not open/ work => moved to shapewizard

- List index out of bounds (-1) on output when bridges & entry/exit overlap

- Slot tool paths created in v7 would not load in v23

- Complete Designer subscription EnRoute files cannot be imported in the EnRoute fabrication subscription

- Automatically generated label images come out blank

- Enroute 2.x import filter does not work

- Tool Compensation not correctly offsetting in Enroute 23

- Saving issue: specific file saved in Enroute comes back blank when re-opened


Missing Item


- Added Channel Tag in Fine Toolpaths

- Added Spiral fill strategies in ATP



- Nesting optimization, improved automatic prioritizing

- 3D Engrave creates uneven cuts on certain triangle Door frames

- SVG filter - Imports as a bitmap, now as vector

- Load settings option under help is grayed out without active file

- Shape nesting: Open contours in grouped object will no longer prevent true shape nesting

- All (readable) File Filter added

- Install manager to run automatically after license update

- Thread pitch wizard: Lead-in option

- Rapid Texture Menu Improvements

- PDF Print Options (option to print as vector or bitmap). Fixes feint print to pdf issue

- Setting depth in a toolpath & clicking instantly on the "..." to go into the cut parameters will now save depth

- Scaleability of the layer menu - change width in settings

- ATP - material tab - Sort materials ascending / descending when clicking on the material name column

- ATP material library: Material thickness is not adjusted when material already exists in the material library

- Enabled the entry and exit parameter for the drag knife tool path strategy

- Skip Kerf tools for regular tool paths

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