Flexi 22.0.4 Release Notes Build 4253 11/04/23

Operating Systems Supported

• Windows 11 (X64)

•Windows 10 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor


Installing on a Mac using parallels or bootcamp is not recommended and not supported.

New Features

•Send to Epson Edge Print
•Censi Marks added to Label and Marks
•Summa color swatch added to swatches library
•Oracal 951 Swatch added to Oracal library
•Summa Material Library added to GoProduce driver



•After the subscription license is updated, the install manager will run in the silent mode not to interrupt open application.
•License Manager to show expiration date for expired license and link to manage subscription
•Added a index in the device tab to split the devices when there are multiple setups with same manufacturer/model using File or Folder port

New Printer Drivers:
•HP: L630, L630W
•Canon: M-series, Colorado 1630, Colorado 1640, Colorado 1650,
•Roland: LG-640/540/300, UG-642, AP-640, BN2
•LogoJet: UVx40R-SE, UVx40R PLUS, UVx40R PLUS SE, UVx40R PLUS DC SE, UVx90R, UVx90R SE, UVx90i, FSR90

New Cuter Drivers:
•Colex : Sharpcut Pro
•Summa: D Series S3, T Series S3


Drivers Improvement

•Mismatch between Kongsberg circles marks and the job orientation
•Barcode for Kongsberg is printed on all 4 sides although only the left side is selected
•When disabling Barcode option for Kongsberg marks the RIP generate an error
•Incorrect color mode sent to Teckwin Teck_Twinner2513 SG Driver
•Zund registration marks not applied correctly. Issue reported on Flexi 3M version.
•Catch Exception error when sending job to HP Z series printer
•Incorrect resolution for Mutoh PJ2508 UF
•Mutoh VJ 1638x stretches prints
•Fixed random cut lines, Foison E24L driver
•Roland GX 500 media length locked at 984 inches
•Improved Multi-Layer printing on Mimaki UCJV300
•Mimaki UCJV300-160 CMYKLcLmW - not printing Varnish
•Mimaki CG-160 FXIIPlus cutter can't find cut job using ID Cut
•Mimaki JV 300-160 machine temperatures are showing up as Fahrenheit instead of Celsius


Bug Fixes

•HP Latex does not post print job info to the cloud.
•Applying issue with preset that uses Alpha channel for white
•Fix a bug that RIP counter is not decreased when there is a RIP error
•Improvement for job queue updating when adding jobs
•Fix a bug where printing does not start if a nesting job is sent after being RIPed first separately
•Fix a bug where printing would start before RIPing after changing resolution in job that was sent.
•PM job queue speed improvement: Not to reconstruct the job queues each time a job is done
•Fix a crash opening angled screen dialog
•PM job queue speed improvement: Cache queue preview BMPs
•Fix writing of color names to named color ICCs in the Unicode version
•Not able to measure single color in Flexi Designer.
•Laser Cutter marks not changing values correctly when pressing up/down arrow.
•PDF Files not Deleted from Hot Folder
•Progressive JPEG files RIP error when applying finishing tools
•Printing while ripping doesn't work with large rotated nest job
•Large files having rip error, calculate memory allowance for JAWS instances based on the available memory and number of instances
•Nested jobs are rotating the Cut file in Flexi 21 and 22
•Incorrect number of copies shown when nesting single and multi-page documents
•Manually Weed Border causing an issue with Split Lines.
•White not printing correctly under SummaFlex mark.
•Printing via driver bridge is not working.
•Install Manager 32-bit error message when updating license with License Manager 32bit.
•Jobs stuck in Ripping Done mode for HP Latex
•Choke and Spread values do not change for Xenon printer.
•The curve display issue has been fixed for VD Profiling.
•Jobs with SummaFlex marks getting Rip Error in Flex 3M build 3727.
•Unable to change shade percentage for spot color object in Designer.
•Spot colors are missing after applying ICC profile with spot channels linearization.
•Choke under white not applied correctly when printing multi-copy. Reported in STS ink version.
•UI issue on the transparency tab in job properties of production manager with Chinese version.
•Select within tool not showing object attribute.
•Page number can be set higher than page range set by the user
•Inspire files not importing onto Flexi Designer 32-bit
•PM crashing when sending job to Epson SC-7000
•PM not responding after deleting cutter with barcode server and with TCP/IP port
•Contour cut preview not showing in transparency tab when positive offset is used
•Preview of JIG layout is not working properly with Chinese version
•Greek fonts displayed incorrectly with Greek characters
•Files imported Directly to PM with Cut are unable to read marks - Mutoh VC 1300
•Open contours in a group will prevent true shape nesting
•Vertical offset from DJP not respected by Summa S1 D140 for nested jobs
•After resetting Separations, spots are not displayed anymore
•Nesting jobs with and without CutContour line
•Transparent PNG creating lines when printing using File/Print
•RIP error when adding certain pdf documents in PM
•Wrong Data Format sending to Epson SC-F2000
•Contour Cut path and Outline lost when copied in Flexi
•Unicode kerning issue with special characters
•RGB color value incorrect for svg file imported into Flexi
•Tab Delimited.txt with Norwegian Characters does not import correctly with Auto Serialize feature
•Adobe Illustrator file locked after editing and Saving from Flexi
•Korean typing issue in FlexiSIGN 21 as well as in v22
•Not printing barcodes Summa F18 plotter with nested prints

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