Licensing your Software Without an Internet Connection

In rare cases, you may not have an internet connection and cannot have an internet connection for one reason or another. There is a way to license your software while your computer does not have an internet connection, but you will need another computer that does have access to the internet.

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Notice: If you have a subscription license, the software will still periodically attempt to reach out to the Licensing Server, and it will require admin rights to do so. The only license type that will not ping the server for future license requests after initial licensing is a perpetual license


  1. Open your license manager (if you don't know how or where, see: Managing your Flexi License). 
    • If you haven't already, enter in your activation code.

  2. Your license Manager will appear as below. Write down the Computer ID exactly as it is listed including capitalization (it is located where you see the black field in the center of the image below.)
  3. On a different computer that has an active internet connection, on your web browser go to and log in to your account.

  4.  Locate your your license and click on "Flexi" on the left or "Download" on the right-hand side

  5. On this screen, make sure the Expiration Date is in the future if relevant. If it is not, contact our Customer Support team. Otherwise, click "License Manager Can't Connect" at the bottom.

  6. On the next screen, enter in the Computer ID as you wrote it down in Step 1.
    The Computer Name can be whatever you want it to be to help you remember what computer the license is on. Then click Create License Now.

  7. You'll then be returned to the License ID screen. Click "Download License." 
    The software will download a .lsn file. Using a thumb drive or some kind of transfer media, return it to the computer without an internet connection. mceclip4.png

  8. On the License Manager on the original computer, click "Import License File" and select the file.

  9. The license should be valid and it will say "License successfully imported." You can now use Flexi on that computer without the internet. If your license has an expiration date, you will need to follow these steps again to update your license after that date.
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