Product License and Installation FAQ

How do I know which product I have or which version of Flexi I am running?

To find out which version of Flexi you are currently running, go to the Help menu and choose About.


The resulting window will give you the information you are looking for. If you have questions about your subscription, please log in to your account at or speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Product: Which version and product type you have

Build: the existing build of the software.

Software ID: your unique ID



What are the various Products and what features do they have?

See the Flexi Feature Comparison: Flexi 21 Feature Comparison


How do I change or upgrade the product I do have?

The fastest and smoothest way would be to speak with a member of our customer service team.


Where can I manage my license and download the software?
What is my Activation Code and Software ID and where can I find them?
Did my Activation Code or Software ID change?

You can find and manage your license at This includes your Activation Code and your Software ID. You can also download your software here.

Your Activation Code is a long string of letters and numbers unique to your license. It is used to activate your software when first installing your software or reapplying a license to a computer.

The Software ID is a number between 5-7 digits long that is a unique identifier for your license. The Software ID is permanently attached to the name of the license owner.

The Activation Code and the Software ID will never change. Once committed to a license, they are permanent and you can always count on them being the same for your records.


Once I've purchased a subscription or permanent license, how do I license and install it?

Follow the instructions in these two articles: Activating your License and Downloading your SoftwareInstalling Flexi


There is a limit of six times per year to remove/or add to another computer without an additional cost.



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