Flexi 22.0.1 Release Notes Build 3782 8/3/2022

Flexi 22 New Features


SAi Production Suite 22.0.1

Build 3782

03 August 2022


Bug Fixes

  • Poll size is not working on Mimaki SIJ-320UV.
  • Barbieri LFP device is not scanning with Flexi 22.0.
  • Auto-serialize feature causes a crash.
  • System error message with mfc140u.dll when installing Flexi 22.
  • Production Manager is not previewing grayscale image properly.
  • Driver options are missing when sending cut job via network to Production Manager.
  • CAS Fonts folder is not created under SAi Production Suite installation
  • Corrected language issue with license manager.
  • Poll size error Epson R5000 and S80600L.
  • Horizontal mouse wheel scrolling is not working.
  • Profile selections are missing when layered job are sent from RIP & Print dialog to HP 700W/800W.
  • Incomplete Zund marks are printed (driver: Zund G3 L-2500)
  • Jobs with 3 layers are not centered for HP 800W.
  • Changes to Method, Unit Type, Category, or Material are not saved in Default Job Properties dialog.
  • Memory leak when setting dimension or spacing to "0" for "Remove data in texture patterns".
  • SVG files import incorrectly in v22.
  • Issues with displaying symbols in the Insert Symbols dialog.
  • Wrong barcode information is displayed in Job Info window for Graphtec FC9000
  • Contour cut file is not generated when the print & cut file name contains Danish symbols.
  • When adding Graphtec fc 4100-75 to Production Manager 22 freezes on "Processing Please Wait".
  • Can't add setup for some Epson Stylus Pro models.
  • Large transparent PNG files have issues applying contour effect.
  • Media width is not maintained after relaunching Production Manager.
  • Cut jobs with ZCC marks have offsets when combining nesting and "cut along page border".
  • Color Vectorize tool is not working.
  • Blinking icons in effect toolbar. 
  • When sending Ink Limit test, the program crashes.
  • Measurement tool is not snapping to guideline.
  • Color adjustment on white not appplied to all rows with choking.
  • RIP error with white/varnish only colormodes for Mutoh XPJ driver.
  • OCC preview not showing correct colors.
  • Erasing patterns doesn't work when applying to white only.
  • Navigate the Auto-Serialize dialog by tab.
  • Improve thumbnail images for job queues.
  • No 'Step & Repeat' preview for diagonal and circular distributions.
  • The chroma adjustment option is saved correctly in ICC profiles.
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