Install EnRoute on an Offline PC

  1. First register your activation code with a PC is that is online. (See: Activating your License and Downloading Enroute)
  2. Then Download the EnRoute Install and take it to the offline PC with a USB Stick and install it. 
  3. During the Install, the LicenseManager.exe will run and it will ask you for an Activation Code.  You will click the button that says “Get License from Website".E1.jpg

  4. This will take you to a form where the Computer Name for the Offline PC is listed.

  5. Now go to the PC that is Online and go to
  6. Click on the User ID Number that is being installed. 
  7. Go down to Step 3 and click the ““License Manager” Can’t Connect?” link.

  8. That will take you to a page where you can enter the Computer ID that was given in the Offline PC as well as the desired PC Name, and then create a License File associated to that Offline PC.

  9. Copy the License File to a USB drive and take it to the offline PC. 
  10. Then click the Import License File link from the License Manager dialog box and point it to the License File on the USB Drive.


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