Install EnRoute with a Hardkey Dongle to an Offline PC

For this to work, you will need a PC that has a connection to the internet.

Installing EnRoute 7 using a dongle on an offline PC:


Online PC:


  1. Register EnRoute to your SAi Cloud account and Download EnRoute 7 per the instructions in the letter.  Put the EnRoute Installer on a USB drive.
  2. On your account at, click the license for the offline PC, click “Download License” and copy the key file that gets created to the USB drive.  When a dongle is involved, the “key file” for that license will be tied to a key number and not a PC name, so the Computer ID will show as the dongle number.



Offline PC:

  1. Install EnRoute 7.  When promoted during install, click the Import a License File link and then point to the key file on the USB drive.
  2. Before running EnRoute 7, go to the EnRoute7\Hardware Key Software folder and run the Sentinel Installer.  That is the driver for the key.
  3. Plug the key in, it should light up green. 
  4. Then run EnRoute 7.  You might need to Run as admin the first time.
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