FlexiDESIGN for MacOS 22.0.2 Build 3832 Release Notes

FlexiDESIGN for MacOS

Operating Systems Supported

Mac OS Catalina 10.15 or higher
SAi Production Suite 22.0.2
Build 3832
18 October 2022

Bug Fixes

• Entering and exiting full screen several times can cause UI to freeze
• Not being able to drag gradients from fill stroke edition to the swatch
• Minimize buttons missing from some dialog boxes
• Customer tool bars position not saved in preferences
• Keyboard shortcuts missing or not working
• Adobe Plugins Replaced with Core Image Filters
• Delete (backspace) key does not work in a custom workspace
• Centering when printing to desktop printer
• Objects cannot be moved in Design Editor
• Missing objects in Design Editor
• Measurement tool placement on the object imprecise
• Not saving custom page Format
• Bullet points not displayed correctly
• Design Editor not closing when Flexi is closed
• Text imported as incorrectly as text for certain PDF file
• Flexi crashing when clicking right click mouse while holding left click
• Scrolling through swatch table would scroll through the document
• Selecting text for input in Design Central
• Consistent look of close, maximize and minimize buttons
• Some files appear not as sharp as on Flexi for Windows
• Flexi windows resizes when switching to longer color swatch table
• Added automatic conversions of measurement unit in Design Central
• Font symbols, such as apostrophe, not displaying correctly
• Crash while opening color specs
• Paste over option grayed out
• Using arrows to adjust size in the measurement tool not working
• Error when adjusting size in Design Central for selection with multiple
• Object size not updating in Design Central when adding to selection
• No preview when using mirror and copies in Rip & Print window
• Flexi cannot be closed when R&P is minimized
• Margin options missing from R&P window.

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