What is Enroute?

EnRoute is the go-to CNC software solution for everyday cutting, nested-based production, and creative design applications. Our CAD/CAM design software provides a unique combination of 2D and 3D design and toolpathing capabilities for CNC routers, lasers, plasma, waterjet and knife cutters.



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2d & 3d Signs



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Textured Panels

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Channel Letters

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Metal & Aluminum


ATP Panels



Intuitive and flexible, our design tools allow for the easy creation and editing of text, shapes, contours, and textures for all types of applications.
Import artwork and use our powerful vectorization engine to create clean, cut-ready lines and contours with precision and speed.

All the features needed to:
     • Draw freehand using a stylus or mouse.
     • Create lines, Bezier curves, circles, rectangles, squares, and arcs.
     • Edit shapes using the jigsaw and welding tools.
     • Text -add, copy and paste.
     • Contour editing

3D and texture design tools including:
     • 3D Design - Revolve, Spin, Extrude, Sweep Two Rails, Chamfer, Primitive Objects
     • 3D Reliefs – Creation and Editing
     • Textures – Bitmap, Parametric, Symmetric, Rapid
     • 3D Mesh Creation
     • 3D Object Creation
     • Relief Slicing


This level provides all the necessary tools you need for 2D applications.

The Standard Design Tool Set is coupled with a Toolpath Engine that enables:
     • Routing and Open Contour Off set
     • Engraving and Scribing
     • Hatch, Island and Spiral Fills
     • Toolpath plans and strategies
     • Supports multiple tools per toolpath
     • Drill bank support

EnRoute’s toolpaths are associated with the base geometry, which automatically recalculates when changes are made. The BASIC edition includes Dynamic “Quick Fit” Manual Nesting so you can easily position parts to save on material. Verify output before cutting with 2D and Ortho simulation.

Example Applications: Channel letters, 2D Dimensional Signage, Inlays and Push Through, Any Parts
Cut Using a Standard Bit.


In addition to all of the features of the BASIC level, PLUS gives you the ability to design and toolpath 2.5D
engravings, prismatic lettering, parametric and rapid textures.

EnRoute software is known for its unique texturing capabilities. Choose from realistic parametric textures, such as bamboo, pebbles, wood, weaves, flagstone, or create your own design from an image.

Or use EnRoute’s exclusive Rapid Texture tool to create one-of-a-kind designs. Rapid Texture utilizes the size and shape of the bit to cut 3D textures in substantially less time.

Sharp, clean corners are a snap with EnRoute’s Corner Fine feature. Simply specify a small-radius bit as your “fine tool” and the software takes care of the rest, identifying each corner and removing any excess material left in the corner radius.

The PLUS version provides expanded Nesting capabilities including True Shape and Block Nesting. In addition, you can create and save Remnant sheets, which you can then nest into on your next job. The Nesting and Remnant features save you money by reducing material waste.

Example Applications: Pyramid letters, V-groove Signs, Awards & Plaques, Textured Signs, Textured
Wall Panels, Rapid Pictures.


In addition to all the features of the PLUS level, PRO includes the Creative Design Tool Set for making and
editing 3D reliefs. Unleash your creativity with the power and flexibility of EnRoute PRO.

Additional features in the level include:
     • Extrusion Tool -- easily turns 2D shapes into 3D contours.
     • Object Distortion – time saving tool provides elastic handles for pushing and pulling objects to                 define new shapes.
     • Symmetric Parametric Texture Tool—helps you align and match textured patterns across multiple                panels.
     • Advanced Nesting Suite – saves materials with Nest-Around-Obstructions and Common-Line cutting

The PRO version comes equipped with all the tools you need for efficient Nested-Based Manufacturing.
EnRoute’s AutoToolpath (ATP) function allows you to process layered DXF files using saved strategies to nest, order and output with just a few clicks of a button.

With PRO, you can create templates to store and reuse information that is commonly input for the material, toolpaths as well as design features that require input. This time-saving feature will simplify your workflow.

Example Applications: 3D Artistic Signs, Architectural Signs, Curved Moldings, 3D Millwork, Cabinets,
Nested-Based Manufacturing, Mold Making, Furniture.



This version contains the same feature set as PRO but is offered as an affordable monthly subscription
product. The big advantage with a subscription is free product upgrades. Subscription customers always
have the latest product version as part of their plan.

Choose from 3 different payment options:
     • Month-to-month with no obligation, you can cancel at any time
     • Discounted month-to-month with a 12-month commitment
     • Annual pre-paid

Free technical support via phone, email or chat is also included with every subscription plan. Start your
subscription with a free 7-day trial.

Example Applications: 3D Artistic Signs, Architectural Signs, Curved Moldings, 3D Millwork, Cabinets,
Nested-Based Manufacturing, Mold Making, Furniture.


Design and output 2D files for CNC Plasma, Waterjet or Laser with ease.
CAD drawing tools let you design both visually or parametrically. The intuitive user interface is logically organized.

Clean-up and editing tools make it fast and easy to reduce points and remove unnecessary contours
and intersections.

EnRoute’s vectorization engine converts bitmap images into clean lines ready for resizing or cutting
in just one click of your mouse.

EnRoute FABRICATION includes several advanced tool pathing features designed to optimize efficiency and provide high quality finished parts.

Algorithms include:
     • Common-Line
     • Looped Corners
     • Smart Entry-Exit Positioning

Kerf Compensation, controlled through a simple dialog box, allows you to easily determine the parameters you want to use when cutting and stores the information for easy recall.

Four nesting algorithms simplify the output process, automatically positioning parts for optimal material
savings. With the Nesting Organizer feature you can specify the number and priority of parts to be cut prior to nesting.

Example Applications: Manufactured parts, decorative metal art.


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