Updated Job Information Fields (Flexi Complete)

Accessing the Job Information Window

Under the Edit menu, select “Job Info…” to open the Job Information Window.



Saving Customer Information

Flexi Complete offers an easy way to save and reload customer information for frequent customers. Go to the “Customer” tab and fill out the customer information. Once this is filled in with the information you need, select “save” along the bottom. Find or create a convenient folder to save customer info files in, name the file so that you can find it when you need it, then select save.



When you have another job for the same customer that you need to load the info into the panel, reopen the customer tab in the Job Information window and select “Load.” All you need to do is navigate to wherever you have the .xml file saved, then click open and it will load all customer information into the box for you.




Adding Custom Fields

You are now able to add custom fields into your job info if there is other information that you want to add that doesn’t already have a field. In the Job Info window, select “add custom field” at the bottom. Then simply enter the name of the field you want to add and click OK.




Adding a Job Warning

This field will add a warning that is shown upon opening the file. There is also an option to show you the message when you send the job through the RIP & Print window if desired.



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