Compounding Objects

Compounding lets you view overlapping objects exactly as they will appear when cut or printed. This feature is useful for creating holes through objects. 

One way to create this sign is to place white text over a black rectangle; that would require two colors of vinyl. You can achieve similar results using the Compound command and just one color of vinyl (black).

The "hole" created permits the substrate color to show through.ArrangeCompound.png


Compounded objects are treated as a single object.

Compounding Objects

  • Align the objects on top of each other.
  • Select the objects.
  • Do one of the following:
    • From the Arrange menu, point to Compound and select Compound.
    • Right Click the objects, point to Combine and select Compound.
    • Press Ctrl+M on the keyboard.

If objects with different colors are selected, the compound object will have the color of the bottommost object.

Compounding Objects by Color

You can combine objects based on their color.

  • Select the objects.
  • From the Arrange menu, point to Compound and select Compound by Color.

Objects compounded by color are converted to outlines and will drop the stroke.

Original Objects Normal Compound Compound by color


Releasing Compounded Objects

  • Select the compounded object.
  • Do one of the following:
    • From the Arrange menu, point to Compound and select Uncompound.
    • Right Click the objects and select Uncompound.
    • Press Ctrl+J on the keyboard.
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