Guides allow you to visually align design elements on your document.

To show or hide the guides, from the View menu, point to Show and select Show Guides.

Creating Guides

Horizontal or vertical guides

  • To create a guideleft-click and drag at any point on a ruler.

A horizontal or vertical guide line is created, depending on which ruler you drag from.



Diagonal Guides

  • Create a horizontal or vertical guide.
  • Rotate the guide using DesignCentral - Rotate tab.


  • Use the control points and Hold Shift to constrain the line angle to the increment set in Preferences (default = 45 degrees).



Object Guides

  • Select the objects.
  • From the Arrange menu, point to Guides and click Make Guide.
  • Select Release Guide in the same menu to convert guides back to being objects.


  • In DesignEditor, drag objects from generic layer to Guide Layer.
GuidesObjects_396x282.png GuidesObjectsMakeGuide_394x280.png

Locking Guides

  • From the Arrange menu, point to Guides and click Lock Guides.

Guides cannot be selected by dragging a bounding box around them. You must click the guide.


Selecting All Guides

  • From the Edit menu, point to Select and click Select by Attributes.
  • Select Guide Line in Object tab.
  • Click OK.
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