Cannot Reach Licensing Server

Flexi requires an internet connection to validate your license while using the software. If you experience one of the following issues, you may lose the validation for your license:

  • No internet connection
  • Firewall or Antivirus Blocking Flexi
    • This very often includes company wide firewalls and administration policies

If you find this to be the case and cannot work around this issue for one reason or another, you can manually download and apply the license as explained here: Licensing your Software Without an Internet Connection

Setting Exceptions in your Antivirus or Firewall 

This always occurs with 3rd party software. The Windows Defender and Firewall systems do not block Flexi by default. Find your Antivirus/Firewall service, look through the settings and find the Exceptions or Allowed Apps/Programs.

  • If the software is looking for a .exe file to allow, find your Flexi shortcut on your desktop, right-click it, and then select Open File Location. Look at the directory path at the top and write down or remember this location.
    In your Antivirus software, go to the Exceptions and add App.exe and App2.exe in the folder found above. This will allow both Flexi Design and Production Manager through the firewall.

  • If the software is looking for a folder to allow, do the same as above to find the folder, but go up a few levels until you find the folder named SAi. Enter the entire folder.

If the above does not work for you, then unfortunately we do not have any additional answers. We also do not provide support for Antivirus and Firewall programs


URL Whitelisting

If you have an IT team or a 3rd party that manages the security of your network and computers, you can send them these URLs to whitelist:


The traffic for these URLs occurs over Port 443.

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