SO Diffusion Conversion

When adding color profiles to your printer setup in Flexi, you may get this error:

"This version no longer supports ICC Profiles created with SO Diffusion..."


Flexi's RIP engine, as of Flexi version 19, does not work with the SO Diffusion dither type. This is a hard limitation and there is no work around to using SO Diffusion.

However, the ICC profiles can be updated to use Enhanced Stochastic, an industry standard dither method.

Click "Update All..."

A window with a file path will appear. This window will already have the correct file path. Click "Convert."


This will convert all ICC Profiles in that folder to use Enhanced Stochastic. A message will appear showing how many it converted.


Click OK and close out of all windows. You can now use your color profiles as expected.


If you are concerned about the SO Diffusion dither type, first run some test prints to ensure color accuracy. If you are still experiencing errors, you may need to consider making your own color profiles, or having your dealer do it with you. In some very rare cases, the other settings in the ICC Profile need SO Diffusion to operate properly. However, ICC Profiles of this type were created with an older version of Flexi's RIP engine in mind and is therefore outdated. We don't support SO Diffusion any longer. A fresh ICC profile built around Enhanced Stochastic or another dither type should work fine.

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