Custom Spot Color Mapping

Custom Spot Color Mapping allows you to take a spot color and fine tune it specifically without affecting any other color output on your printer. This allows you hit extremely specific colors and store it permanently within Production Manager without altering your other colors, and you can reliably hit that color any time you need it.

Note that this is stored per printer setup.

  • From the Setup context menu, select Default Job Properties.


  • Select the Color Management tab.


  • Click the Color Mapping button.


  • Click the Import button and browse for a file containing spot colors.
    • You may need to prepare a file to import first. To do so, create a new document in Flexi and then make a square (or as many squares as you want Spot Colors to be mapped) in Flexi Design. Make that square the spot color you want.
    • After you've created those squares and they are the appropriate color you desire, export the file as .pdf or .eps. Then use the Import as shown above.


  • To modify a color mapping, double click the color in the list.



  • Click Print Swatch. This will print a table with variations of the spot color
  • Select the font to be used with the swatch table


  • The center color (4x 4y in the above example) is the original color as calculated by Color Management. From there, the CMYK values are incremented by the % in the "Increment" field on the Color Swatch tab.


  • The amount of swatches and their size depend on the chosen values for Increment and Width.
  • Compare the color in question to the printed swatch. For the color that matches the closest on that swatch, enter in the X Y coordinate on the Closest matching swatch table.


  • Click Update Color. This will update the CMYK values on the left with the printed value on the printed swatch table.
  • Click OK to save the CMYK value for that spot color.

The output values of the spot color in the list will update according to the selected swatch. As long as this spot color is in the list, every job that contains a spot color with the exact same name as the color in the list will be printed with the new CMYK values.

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