What's new in EnRoute 23

Setup Manager - This companion application makes it easier than ever to configure EnRoute’s toolbars and menus to fit your specific needs. Everyone has their favorite tools in EnRoute, or the ones that they use most often. Maybe you have an activity that requires a unique combination of tools. With Setup Manager you can quickly define a new toolbar to contain these tools. Place it front and center and the tools are always just a click away.
Profile Tools - We have added support for specialty ogee and beading tools that are used for shaping in many woodworking activities. In addition, we have created many example tools for the library so that you can quickly get started using them. Adding new Profile tools is also easy – just define the profile in an EnRoute drawing and then use that to define the tool. Many tool manufacturers supply DXF or PDF drawings of their tools and so these can easily be used in EnRoute to define your tool.

Simulation of Profile Tools - 3D Simulation of toolpaths supports the new Profile tools and so you can quickly make sure that your results when you cut will be as expected.

Corner Fine Toolpaths - One of the drawbacks to using a shaping tool with a CNC router is that when the tool moves in and out of a corner it leaves an inside corner radius that is the overall radius of the tool. Our new “Corner Fine” capabilities are built-in to Hatch, Island, and Spiral fills. Just choose a fill tool, a Profile tool as the clean tool, and then a smaller-radius end mill or ball end mill as your fine tool. EnRoute takes it from there and finds all the corners that want to be “sharpened” with your fine tool.
Peeled Pole Parametric Texture - Rustic furniture and home décor often uses panels created using “peeled poles”. These are tree branches that are of roughly equal diameter that have had the bark peeled off using a special draw knife. This process gives the branches a faceted look that is very attractive. We have always been fascinated with this look, and so we created a new Parametric Texture that allows our users to create this look in EnRoute. You control pole diameter and uniformity, faceting and relative smoothness or roughness. It will be fun to see how it will be used.
Simple Box Wizard - The new simple box wizard provides a quick way to generate contours for making boxes. The wizard interface is similar to the boxster wizard, but strips away many of the cabinet specific parameters to focus on creating boxes in a few common styles.
Unit Converter - A new unit conversion tool allows for fast conversion between units commonly used in EnRoute that measure length, speed, and time.
Kerf Tools - Kerf cut widths can now be represented by a new kerf tool type in the EnRoute tool library. The default EnRoute tool library now also includes a new set of standard kerf widths.
No Lift Toolpathing - When it is necessary to create toolpaths that use several passes, it can be time consuming for the tool to lift out of the material in between passes. Allowing the tool to move down directly to the next pass, or only lift slightly between passes, can make the overall job much more efficient. We have implemented this option in EnRoute 23. We recognize that some companies may not want to offer this option to their designers and/or operators and so EnRoute has a preference setting that allows this capability to be disabled so that it is not used inadvertently.
Color and Centerline Vectorizing - Two new vectorizing modes have been added to the vectorizing tool. The Color Vectorizer automatically posterizes images to simplify the number of colors and then creates contours from the different colored regions in a bitmap image. The Centerline Vectorizer will create a contour that traces the centerline of a selected black and white bitmap, which can be useful for tracing text.
ATP Prioritize by Unit Number - Users can now choose to prioritize nesting of parts to take into account the Unit Number they belong to. This allows cabinet units to generally be grouped together when they nest so that when the sheets are processed it will be easier to get all the parts for a specific cabinet ready for assembly while the other sheets in the job are still being cut.
ATP Time Estimates - Cut time estimates will now be included in the ATP Printout for each nested sheet, and they will also be shown in the message that reports the output files that were created after processing.
ATP No Active App Processing - We have enhanced the ATP to make it more productive when processing parts that don’t come from one of the design applications we support. Users that are processing parts that were created in a separate CAD application can now do pretty much everything that can be done with parts from a design app.
Tool Changer Printout - Users can print out their tool changer and drill bank configurations. This information can be very useful both to designers and to machine operators. No more sticky notes listing tool positions in the tool changer are necessary.
Snap To Plate - Drawing tools can now snap to the corners of the plate, side midpoints, and plate center when snap to plate is enabled.
Auto-Save to Backup File - A new option has been added to the auto save feature which allows a backup file to be created and saved to at regular intervals.
Component Maker Snaps - The component maker grid will now automatically center the grid of interlocking components within the boundary shape. When the component grid is clicked and dragged in the workspace, it will snap to center the grid to create evenly spaced component panels.
SVG and PNG Import - EnRoute now supports importing SVG and PNG images into the workspace. Once imported, the images can be used with any of the EnRoute bitmap tools.
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