Templates Overview

Templates are a a quick way to generate a predesigned layout for jobs you know you will need to create frequently but may have differing artwork, attributes, or information attached to them. This article will show you the tools in Flexi for creating Templates. Flexi has a list of pre-existing templates you can use or modify to your needs. A list of articles with complete information can be found at the end of this article.

The base workflow for creating a template is:

  1. Open an existing template or 
  2. Apply Placeholders and Job Info Fields for variable job attributes
  3. Save the template. This saves it in Flexi's existing list of templates. 

Once you have a template created or found a template you like, you can retrieve it by selecting "Apply Template."

The base workflow for applying a template is:

  1. Create your artwork. Place art and text anywhere on the page.
  2. Fill out relevant Job Information. Found in Edit > Job Info...
  3. Select Apply Template and choose your template.

To access Templates, go to: File > Templates


Template Articles:

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