Keyboard Shortcuts

To improve your workflow, Flexi has keyboard shortcuts to let you quickly access tools and functions without having to swim through the menus. To look at and change your Keyboard Shortcuts, go to File > Workspace > Customize.


From here, you'll see the Workspace Editor dialogue. You have two places you can apply or change shortcuts:

  1. The options in the Main Menu at the top (notice the picture above has shortcuts next to the menu options such as Ctrl+S for Save)
  2. Tools located on your toolbars.

This is reflected in the  dropdown at the top of the Workspace Editor dialogue.Customize.png

To add or change a shortcut, click on the Shortcut on the right. While it is highlighted, the next combination of keys you press (usually a single key or Ctrl+ or Alt+ or both) will attempt to assign that shortcut. If there is an existing shortcut, it will warn you. If you add or change a shortcut and wish to change it back, click Undo. If you want to remove a shortcut from a tool or command, click the shortcut and then click Clear on the right.

Click OK at the bottom to save all shortcut changes or Cancel to cancel all changes.

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