Emailing a Job

To send the current job to someone as an email attachment:

  • From the File menu, select Send Email.
  • Select one of the following:
As Native The job will be added as an attachment in Flexi format.
As JPEG The design will be converted to a JPEG and added as an attachment.
As PDF The design will be converted to PDF and added as an attachment.

A new e-mail message will be created in your default e-mail program, and the current job will be added to the message as an attachment of the selected type.

You must have an email client program installed and set up on Windows, such as: Microsoft Mail/Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird for this to work. This will not utilize web browser based emails such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or others.


Send as Native

There are no options for sending as native, but it will save the file before sending. It will send the entire file as a .fs file, which is a proprietary file type unique to Flexi. Use this only if the recipient also has Flexi.


Send as JPEG

This will convert the file to a .jpg image. It will give the following options before sending:


The Compression ratio will reduce the file size, but it may lose quality if compressed too much.

Selection Only will convert and send only the objects you have selected on the artboard.


Send as PDF

Flexi will convert it to a .pdf file before sending it to the email service.


Scale to: This will scale the image to a specified document size, or if you select Full Size, it will leave it at the natural size of the image.

Downsample Bitmaps: If there are any Bitmaps in your image, it will reduce the resolution in order to reduce the file size. You can type in the resolution you would like it downsample to. DPI = Dots Per Inch.

Add Margin: Check this only if you want to send the whole page. This will expand the selection to the entire document border (the rectangular border in the background). This is useful when scaling to Letter size or another document size.

Selection Only will convert and send only the objects you have selected on the artboard.


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