Cut/Plot Dialog - General Settings and Overview

The Cut/Plot function of flexi allows you to convert existing vectors into cut designs, generally for cutting colored vinyl. The software locates all vector objects and imports them into the Cut/Plot window as though each one was its own contour cut line. This includes text and shapes.  It ignores all other design elements. Each object is then organized by its color, meaning it can quickly generate jobs for each color if you want to cut multiple colors of vinyl.

This also means you do NOT need to apply a contour cut line in the design, as explained below.

Using this artwork as an example:


The Cut/Plot window interprets the edges as lines to be cut, as shown in the preview pane below. No contour cut line has been added.

For information about the common settings on this window, see: RIP and Print Dialog - Common Settings.



Color Palette

Selects the color to display in the preview area. Only the displayed color will be processed.


Click and drag the colors to change their output order.

If Send All Colors is checked on the Options tab, you will not be able to select individual colors.

Right-clicking on a color in the color palette allows you to toggle the Visible setting on and off for that color. A color that is set to invisible (marked by an "X" through the color square) will not be output.

The preview will update accordingly (yellow and orange turned off)


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