Cut/Plot Dialog Box - General Tab

(see also: Cut/Plot Dialog - General Settings and Overview)

The General tab allows you to specify the size of the media, the position and size of the job, the number of copies, and the location of your output on the media.


You can resize the Cut/Plot dialog box by clicking and dragging its lower-right corner.

The following parameters can be adjusted:


Material Settings

The Material group allows you to specify the size of media used in your output device by entering the Media Width and Media Height. The media size is used to panel your job if it is larger than the media.


Media Size


Selects your media size from the dropdown list, or lets you specify a custom size after selecting User Defined. 

Poll Size


Polls the size of the media loaded in the cutter. The availability of this feature is dependent on the 

Media Width


Specifies the Width of the Media. Only editable while User Defined is set as the Media size.

Media Height


Specifies the Height of the Media. Only editable while User Defined is set as the Media size.

Note that it is okay if the media is much longer than the cut job, the plotter will only cut to the end of the job, not the length specified here.


Sending mode


The Send mode list allows you to select what to do with the job once it arrives in the Production Manager queue.

Send now Automatically processes the job and sends it to the output device.
Hold in list Holds the job in the Production Manager queue until it is manually sent from Production Manager.
Save to file Processes the job and saves it as a native (.prt) file.

Send now mode is not available if the output device is inactive, or if the Production Manager is on another computer on the network and the Allow remote Send Now/Interactive option is not selected in Production Manager Preferences.


Position Settings

The Position group box allows you to specify where on the media the job is output.


mceclip10.png Horizontal offset distance
mceclip9.png Vertical offset distance



When selected, activates Interactive mode. Interactive mode allows you to dynamically interact with the tool head by repositioning the tool as you change the position of the job in the preview area.

Show Me


When selected, the Show Me tool draws a bounding box around the job without lowering the tool, showing you the maximum area of the job on the substrate itself.
You can also change the position of objects by choosing the Select Tool at the bottom of the Cut/Plot dialog box and dragging the preview to a new position.

Job Size Settings


The Size group box allows you to change the size of your output. This changes the size of the artwork, not the media itself.

mceclip12.png Width of the output
mceclip14.png Length of the output
mceclip13.png Scale ratio
mceclip15.png Scales the job proportionally so that it is as large as possible while still fitting within the cuttable area of the output media.


Copies Settings


The Copies group allows you to set the number of copies and the spacing between them.

mceclip27.png Specifies the number of copies to be made.
mceclip28.png Sets the horizontal and vertical spacing between the copies.


Repeat Job


Repeat Job allows you to resend entire jobs a number of times. It will send all data and settings as a single cut job to Production Manager, but Production Manager will send the job the designated number of times.

Repeat Job Turn Repeat Job on or off
Send Job Specify the amount of times the job has to be repeated


Nesting Settings


When a vinyl job calls for more than one color, you can nest each color separately to maximize the media savings.

Nest Check this box to nest per vinyl color.
Width The width of the media the nested objects will occupy
Keep Groups and Text Check this box to keep grouped objects or text together as one, rather than nested individually
Smart Nest Uses any holes or other available white space for objects
Auto tile and smart nest When checked, the software will automatically tile objects that are larger than the page size and use any available white space for the tiled off pieces.


Positioning Tools

mceclip29.png Places the job at the specified distances from the right and leading edges of the media.
mceclip30.png Centers the job on the leading edge of the media.
mceclip31.png Places the job in the center of the media. If you have a roll set in your media length and width, the job will seem to have disappeared. The job is actually half way up the media beyond the preview. This setting is used when cutting sheets of material instead of a roll.
mceclip32.png Places the job at the specified distances from the left and leading edges of the media.
mceclip33.pngmceclip34.pngmceclip35.pngmceclip36.png Rotates the job in 90-degree increments.
mceclip37.pngmceclip38.png Mirrors the job vertically.
mceclip39.png Selection Only. Automatically selected when you select one or more objects before opening the Cut/Plot dialog box.
mceclip41.png Displays the feed direction of the media. Located at the bottom of the Preview Area.
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