Licensing FAQ

I have a valid Flexi license and I want to install flexi on another computer

See: Transferring your License to Another Computer / Managing your Flexi License

My computer was damaged/lost/crashed, how can I recover my license to install on a new computer?

I tried to license my computer and it says its licensed for use on another computer 

Contact our technical or customer support teams; we will need disassociate your license from the old computer.

I got a new hard drive/ram stick/CPU or I moved my hard drive to another computer and now my software does not work

I tried to license my computer and it says its not for use on THIS computer

Please note the specific verbiage, if it says it is "not for use on this computer" or you changed the hardware in the computer, then this is a technical issue regarding the hardware. Please contact our technical support team. This is usually a pretty simple solution for them to fix, but there are some things they will need to do on their end that is out of your reach.

I purchased a computer/sign company and it already had Flexi on the computer. I want to move Flexi to another computer

Please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

I am trying to license my software but it says it cannot connect to the licensing server

Flexi requires an active internet connection to validate your license. The culprit is always one of two things:

  • A firewall or antivirus is blocking your software. Please check your firewall or antivirus exceptions. We are unable to assist with these issues.
    • This may include your company's firewall or administration policies. If this is the case, please contact your IT service or department and have them follow the steps in this article:
  • A poor or missing internet connection. Please verify your connection is active while trying to license your software

I have no internet or cannot have an active internet connection on my computer, how can I license Flexi?

Follow the instructions in this article: Licensing your Software Without an Internet Connection

I am trying to remove my license but I am getting an error saying I have exceeded the number of times I can release my license. What can I do?

One Flexi license is intended for use on one computer. We realize users may need to occasionally upgrade or change the computers they are on, therefore we allow up to 6 license transfers per year. Our technical support team can review your activity and release the license for you one more time if you wish to keep it on another computer.

If you would frequently use Flexi on more than one computer, please consider purchasing an additional license. Contact our Customer Support team for more information.

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