Opening and Saving Files

You can find these options under the File menu or the Document dropdown.

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Create New Document

Creates a document to generate drawings and toolpaths

Open an Existing Document

Opens an existing file. If the file is not a .rou EnRoute file, it will create a new document with it on the center.

Save and Save As...

If saving a file for the first time, or if Save As was selected, the save dialogue box is displayed to enter a name and location for the file. Both functions will save the file as a .rou file type, which will save all features of the drawing, including tools, toolpaths, etc.

Import Design

Imports artwork onto the existing EnRoute document. This can be any file type that EnRoute can work with, including bitmaps.

  1. Activate the Import command

  2. Select the file format and file location to import

  3. Click Open

    See Preferences for import options
    Bitmaps must be converted to contours before generating toolpaths, see Vectorize Bitmaps

Export Design

  1. From the File menu, select Export to open the export dialogue

  2. Select a file format and file location

  3. Set a file name

  4. Click Save



  1. Activate the Print command

  2. Select a print option

    Design Print all contours in the current design
    Selection Print only the selected contours
    Window Print only what is displayed on screen
    Plate Print only the plate
  3. Click OK

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