What is the MUTCD?

The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) is a set of guidelines put out by the Federal Highway Administration of the United States Department of Transportation to regulate and standardize the colors and shapes of traffic signs and lights. The colors of this signage are extremely specific and often require an extremely specific setup to consistently produce those colors. 

In the sign and print industry, there exists a large library of files that were developed around the MUTCD for Flexi. SA International did not develop the MUTCD for Flexi (see below for more information). This library consists of a variety of traffic signs used by state and local governments. The signs in these files have been created according to the strict specifications laid out in the MUTCD. These specifications include shapes, highway fonts, dimensions, and most importantly, color.

As mentioned, traffic signage has an extremely specific set of colors. These files already have the specific traffic colors applied to these signs. However, even with these files, you won't be able to reproduce these colors with any set up, even with a printer with excellent color accuracy. You will need a very specific setup between your printer, your RIP software, a specific color profile, and traffic grade media. One such setup is an HP Latex 360/365 printer and the FlexiSIGN & PRINT 3M Edition, which includes the required special color profiles, presets, and color mapping embedded in the software to print traffic colors.


Where can I get the MUTCD for Flexi?

You can contact our sales team to purchase the MUTCD for Flexi:

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Phone: (800)229-9066


When you purchase the MUTCD from us, after 7 days from the purchase date or when payment is received, you will be emailed a link and are granted access to download it twice. Once you've downloaded it a second time, you won't be allowed to download it again unless you purchase it again. It is recommended you back up your files so you don't lose them.


I purchased the MUTCD for Flexi before, can you help me get it again?

SA International only recently (as of 2021) acquired rights to sell and distribute this MUTCD library. Note that we are not the sole seller/distributor of the MUTCD for Flexi.

If you purchased it from SAi: You can download it one more time (assuming you've only downloaded it once so far). Use the same link you originally used to download it, found in your email.

If you purchased it from a dealer or another source: Unfortunately we cannot help you. Since SAi did not develop the MUTCD for Flexi and that we only recently acquired the rights to sell it, we are not responsible for lost copies of the MUTCD. You will need to either reach out to your dealer where you purchased it before or you will need to purchase it from us as shown above.

The MUTCD for Flexi has been around for over 10 years, so if you're not sure if you purchased it from us or another source, it is very likely you acquired it elsewhere. You can always contact our customer service team to make sure.


I've lost one or two signs from the MUTCD, can I get just those?
I only need a few signs from the MUTCD, do I have to buy the whole thing?

The MUTCD is sold as one whole package. We cannot sell or distribute individual signs or files.

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