Automatic Toolpath - Parts Tab

Select the files to be processed either individually, or by loading a List File. Part output files from supported applications include a List File that contains all of the information for the job including DXF file names, size, material, quantity, and rotation. Each DXF file is automatically verified and the information is displayed in the table in the parts tab.

Part Parameters

Use Process the part when checked
Part Name Part name definition, not editable
Width Part width
Length Part Length
Thickness Nominal part thickness
Material Type Part material, not editable
Quantity Part Quantity, editable
Allow Rotate Allow the part to be rotated when nested, usually checked

Loading List Files

If a Design Application is selected in the Start tab, a list file input dialogue will be visible in the Parts tab. Select Add List File to open a dialogue window to select the list file location. The dialogue will automatically filter the view to display only list files in the correct format for the selected design application. Multiple list files can be added at once and all can be removed using the Clear button. When a list file is used, the part name, size, and material will be displayed. Once loaded, the parts dialogue provides additional parameters that can be edited for enabling part output, quantity, and allowing the part to rotate.

If using selecting the parts individually, files can be added using the Add Files button, which will opens a dialogue window to select DXF files. Files can be removed from the list using Delete Files to remove selected files, or Clear to remove all parts from the list.

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