Automatic Toolpath - Output Tab

Define how the toolpaths should be ordered when output, how the output files should be created, and the output location.


Create Output Generate output for the loaded parts
Create printout of parts Create an image of each nested sheet with part names labeled and the name of the corresponding output file
Create label output Create labels for each part based on the label design and format specified in the Processing tab.
Process as single parts Generate a separate output file for each part
Create output sub directory Create a sub directory within the specified output folder with the date and time in the name
Surface at (Top/Bottom) Select if the material surface for this job is set at the top or bottom
Output Path Open a dialogue to select the output path for all generated files
Output file name prefix Specify a prefix to append to all generated file names
Printer Select a printer to send the labels to


ATP output uses the common toolpath Ordering Dialogue to define the cut order. The ordering options apply the same way to parts loaded in the ATP dialogue.

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