How and where to find help for Flexi and Enroute

If you have a particular need for assistance in Flexi and Enroute, there are many avenues you can take.

We suggest taking the time to try to fix the question or problem on your own first so you can become more proficient with the software and able to fix these problems in a more timely manner for yourself without having to wait for a response from our Technical Support team. However, if you do feel the situation is above what you are equipped to handle, or are in a time crunch for one reason or another, our Technical Support staff is available to help.

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Where can I find solutions and answers on my own?

The Help Center

The Flexi and Enroute Help Center contains a wealth of knowledge. This has several sections that may be of interest to you. We are constantly adding to the Help Center to ensure a thorough education and robust solutions. Book mark this link:

  1. Search: Type in your problem or question here. The Help Center will pull a list of articles it deems relevant. 
  2. Getting Started: Intended for new users or for users reinstalling or relicensing the software. This contains a few sections of articles for getting your software up and running.
  3. FAQ's: See if your question matches up with many of our most frequently asked questions.
  4. Contact Us: If you still have questions or problems and you feel the Help Center is not sufficiently answering your question, this link will give you some ways you can use to contact us for direct support.


You can find demonstrations, webinars, and more on our YouTube channel for continued education on the software and workflows for using the software optimally:



SAi hosts and runs another website designed for users to get direct help from advanced professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge who can give you instruction and support one-on-one. You can schedule a time that is convenient for you on a variety of topics, even outside the scope of Flexi and Enroute, such as printer and cutter setups, materials, complex print jobs, colors, business advice, and so much more. Most of these occur online via a video call, but in some cases an Advisor may be able to come to you on-site.


How can SAi provide me with direct support?

SAi's technical support staff can assist you with a variety of problems. Below you'll find the ways you can reach out for support from our Customer Service or Technical Support staff. For either case, please have your Software ID number ready (found in your software by going to Help > About) if you own Flexi or Enroute already.

If you call and find all agents are currently busy, you may opt to receive a call back from the next available agent or you can leave a voicemail.

For email inquiries, please allow up to 24 hours for a response, though most cases will receive a response far sooner.


Customer Service and Sales

Customer Service can answer inquiries about your SAi Cloud Account, products, payments, subscriptions, licenses, and purchases.

For North American users:


Phone: 1 800 229 9066

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM Mountain Time

For international users, please use the information located here: Contact Information

Technical Support

Once you feel you've exhausted your other options, you can contact Technical Support. Our Technical Support staff are committed to ensuring the proper and efficient function of your software. Please note that our Technical Support's primary goal is to ensure your software can function and is operating correctly, and are not necessarily focused on providing support on education, workflow, design help, or other such scenarios. Software outside of Flexi and Enroute (including your Windows or Mac operating system) are not supported.

Additionally, only customers that have a current subscription or a permanent license of the current or most previous version are eligible to receive technical support. (Flexi 22 and 21, Enroute 23 and 7). Support for prior versions will not be given.

For North American users:


Phone: 1 800 229 9044

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7AM - 5PM Mountain Time

For international users, please use the information located here: Contact Information

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