Weeke/Homag setup guide

There are several things that are unique to the Weeke/Homage driver in Enroute this document will help you select the driver and setup its base settings for any model of machine.


  1. First Select the driver. Go to the Setup menu click on Driver selection then in the bottom right hand corner click on the active drivers list. This is where you will scroll down and find Homag from the list of drivers, then under the model choose the RArcs.Picture1.png
  2. Once you have selected the driver and you have it in your active drivers list click ok then you can begin to set your settings.
  3. The first part you will need to setup is the Tool changer. Here we will setup the tools that your machine has in it. Open up the tool changer section and click the “Click to edit” button.Picture2.png


Inside the tool changer you will see several columns, the #,@, and Description. The # column cannot change and represent the original order of the tool number, we really don’t need to worry too much about this. The second column is the @ column where we are actually able to edit these numbers. Weeke and Homag machines have very high tool numbers so in order to avoid setting up 300 tools so that we can place them in the correct position we can simply change the tool number in the “@” column and then that will be the new number that gets output in the .mpr file. In the example I have changed tool 1 to tool number 201 and that is how it will show up on the machine.Picture3.png



The final section is the description section where you will simply click on the down arrow and select the tool you would like to place in that position.


  1. Last thing you need to setup is the drill bank. These Weeke/Homag machines handle drilling quite differently from other CNC machines. Most of the time Enroute will handle the optimization of the drills, but in this case that is not the case. Woodwop is responsible for identifying which drills are called and in what order to call them in. All EnRoute does is output the drill and the XY coordinate.

This may seem counterintuitive, but you need to make sure that you leave the drill bank section unchecked. Then under the “Advanced Parameters” of the driver settings make sure that the option for “Has drill Function” is checked.





Once you have verified that both of those settings you are going to return to the tool changer and click on the “Click to edit” button again. What you are going to do is input one drill of every kind you have into the tool changer in a place where they won’t interfere with the normal numbers of your tool changer. So for example if your tool changer uses tool numbers 101-201 then you will need to make sure that you don’t assign a drill to that number or in that position. So to continue our example if I have five 5mm drills in my drill bank I will only need to setup one 5mm in the tool changer, because Woodwop will take care of the optimization.

Below is what a typical tool changer setup might look like for a Weeke/Homag machine.




*Note that I have assigned all of my tool changer tools a number that they need to be, but I have left the drills with the numbers 6 and 7 because those numbers won’t interfere with the tool numbers in WoodWOP.


If you do not have a Weeke/Homag machine & would like instructions on how to set up another machine for EnRoute, please view: THIS VIDEO

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