Copying EnRoute Preferences

This article will explain how to transfer all settings and preferences (including drivers, toolpaths, strategies, etc.) to a new EnRoute installation. There are two situations where this is useful:

  1. Copying settings to a new installation on a different computer
  2. Copying settings to a new installation on the same computer

Copying to a new installation a different computer

    1. Close EnRoute
    2. Navigate to C:\EnRoute (for EnRoute 3.x, navigate to C:\Program Files\EnRoute)
    3. Copy all of the following files to a flash drive:
      • CutTemplates.ini
      • MaterialLibrary.ini
      • PlanTemplates.ini
      • PlateLibrary.ini
      • StategyTemplates.ini
      • ToolLibrary.ini
      • EnRoutePreferences.XML (EnRoute 4.1 and Newer)
      • Ndrivers folder (the whole folder unless you know what to search for)
      • If you use Automatic Tool Path, copy the entire AutoTP folder
    4. Copy the files to the new Computer
      • On the new computer, copy all files to the same location while EnRoute is closed.
      • For example, EnRoutePreferences.xml came from C:\EnRoute so it needs to go back to C:\EnRoute. Most of the files in the list above came from C:\EnRoute by default.

Note: If you keep these files on the flash drive and store that flash drive somewhere safe, you will always have a back up for your EnRoute settings available.

These files are forward compatible from any previous version of EnRoute. If you upgrade from EnRoute 5 to 7 for example, all of your settings will be intact in 7 that you had in 5.


Copying to a new installation on the same computer

  1. Open EnRoute
  2. Go to Help > Load Settings
  3. Navigate to the installation folder of the previous installation of EnRoute (usually in the C:\ drive)

  4. Select that folder and click OK. A warning dialogue will appear informing you that EnRoute will close temporarily. Be sure to save any existing work before continuing.

  5. You may get a warning that a certain folder does not exist. Click Yes. This is necessary for that function to work.

    6. EnRoute will automatically pull all settings and preferences from the previous installation. Please wait for it to finish.


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