Fill/Stroke Editor - Gradient Fill

(see also: Fill/Stroke Editor - Overview and Basics)


The Gradient Fill option in the Fill/Stroke Editor is a powerful tool that lets you create simple or complex gradients. This article will walk you through each tool and setting in the Gradient Fill section of the Fill/Stroke Editor. (For advanced gradients, see this article: Fill/Stroke Editor - Advanced Gradients)


Preset Gradients

Flexi comes with a short list of existing gradients. They can be found under the gradient dropdown.


Clicking this will open up the list:


Selecting one with an object selected will apply the gradient.


Gradient Type

The first icon over from the preset gradients has a short list of gradient types.



Linear Gradient mceclip5.png               Radial Gradient mceclip8.png                       

mceclip7.png    mceclip9.png   

 Conical Gradient mceclip11.png            Square Gradient mceclip13.png

mceclip10.png     mceclip14.png



Color Mode

This changes the color mode for the gradient. 


  • mceclip17.png - RGB
  • mceclip18.png - CMYK
  • mceclip19.png - Spot Color. This will fade the spot color to white.
  • mceclip20.png - Double Spot Color. This will gradient it from one Spot Color to another.

Edit Gradient

mceclip21.png This button will allow you to edit the gradient with a hands-on approach. It will let you edit the length of each node of the gradient.

When you click on the Edit Gradient button, a set of handles will form on the gradient, one for each color.



You can click the interior gradients to move them along the gradient axis, shown as a dotted line. The colors will change accordingly.


You can click the end gradients to change the angle of the gradient as well. It's okay to move the end handles beyond the edge of the shape.


If you need a very specific angle, you can use the angle function on the Fill/Stroke Editor. This will rotate the entire gradient.


 You'll notice that there are handles similar to the gradient editing handle on the Fill/Stroke Editor. These work much the same as editing the interior handles along the gradient axis as shown above.



Advanced Options


The Advanced options button will allow you edit the colors of a gradient and allow you to create your own. See Fill/Stroke Editor - Advanced Gradients for more information

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