Fill/Stroke Editor - Strokes

(see also: Fill/Stroke Editor)

The stroke tab allows you to add and control the line or path around a vector object, called the Stroke


Once you've selected a vector object, you can change the following parameters. If you don't have an object selected, this will become the default for any new objects created in Flexi.

mceclip1.png Selects the line style of the stroke applied to the objects; also lets you edit line styles and create new ones.
mceclip2.png Specifies the color applied to the stroke.
2022-02-01_14-55-04.png Sets the stroke width.

Miter Limit


Applies a miter when under a certain threshold, particularly on sharp corners. 1 = low threshold, 4+ = high

Join Type


Selects the appropriate Join Type option to specify how corners are outlined. Choose from Mitered, Square, or Round join styles.

Cap Type


Selects the appropriate Line Cap option to specify how open paths are outlined. Choose from Square, Round, or Butt cap styles.
mceclip7.png When checked, the strokes will be proportionally resized when the object is resized.
mceclip9.png Clicking this button removes the stroke and all associated settings.
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