Adding or Removing Points

(see also: Paths Overview)

You can add or remove points along a path. This allows you to finetune the complexity of your path artwork whether its adding more points for curves or removing them for smoother lines.

Adding Points

You can add one specific point to a path using the Add Point tool.

  • Select the Add Point tool.mceclip0.png
  • Click on the path to add a new point.



Like any other point, you can use it to handle and move your path around.



Removing points

You can remove one specific point from the path using the Remove Point tool.

  • Select the Remove Point tool. mceclip4.png
  • Click each point to be removed.



Notice how the line straightened out once the point was removed.

You can also remove specific points by selecting them with Select Point Toolmceclip5.png and pressing Delete.

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