Freehand Drawing Tool

(see also: Paths Overview)

The Freehand drawing tool allows you draw real basic lines as though you were using a pencil. You won't get high quality curves, but you will have immediate and direct control over the shape as you draw it. This path will automatically apply points along the path dependent on the number of curves drawn in the line.

You will find it on the Main Toolbar. By default, it under the Bezier Tool in the drawing tool flyout.



  • Select the Freehand Drawing Tool. Click and hold to Draw a path. mceclip5.png
    • Adjust the Tolerance value in DesignCentral. The higher the tolerance value, the smoother the path becomes. This will reduce the number of points created in the path.

      Top: Maximum Tolerance (20)
      Bottom: Minimum Tolerance (0)
    • Hold Shift to create a straight line.
    • Hold Ctrl and drag back over the path you just created to erase it.
    • To close the path, place the cursor close to the starting point and click when the cursor shows a small circle underneath. Otherwise, release the mouse button to end an open path at the cursor's current location.

When you release the mouse button, the tool will adjust the line according to the tolerance you selected in step 2. It may alter further than you intend if the Tolerance value is too high.

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