RIP and Print Dialog - Common Settings

The RIP and Print dialog box gives you complete control over how the job is produced.

The area on top of this dialog box is common for all tabs:


1 Current Printer. All settings will apply to this printer. Click to select another printer.
2 Display Printer Properties and Settings
3 Switch to Production Manager
4 Presets
5 Tabs
6 Active jobs for this printer
7 Preview Mode


On the bottom of the RIP and Print dialog, these options are found:


mceclip3.png Viewing Tools
mceclip4.png Send Button. This will send the job with the selected settings to Production Manager. Depending on how the Send Mode setting is set in the first tab, it can also prompt Production Manager to immediately RIP it and send it to the printer set at the top of the dialog.
mceclip5.png Saves the current settings and closes the RIP and Print dialog box.



See: Production Presets


Viewing Tools

The viewing tools allow you to manipulate the job in the preview area.

mceclip1.png Select Tool. Changes the position of the job on the media by clicking and dragging the job preview.
mceclip6.png Zoom Tool. Click to zoom in, Ctrl+Click to zoom out.
mceclip7.png Zoom to Width. Returns the preview area to the default view.
mceclip8.png Zoom to All Objects. Zooms to fit all objects into the preview area.


Preview Area

The Preview Area shows the whole job that will be output to the printer. There are 3 separate previews that will change the appearance of the Preview Area: Layout, Page, and Panel.

Layout Preview

The Layout is designed to appear exactly as it would appear on the print, excepting the red boundary box around each object; that will not print.

Everything else will be laid out as you expect to be printed on the substrate. In the Lay out Preview, you can click and drag the design to place it elsewhere on the substrate. There are additional options for this in the General Tab(see: RIP and Pint Dialog Box - General Tab).

The bottom edge where you see the black arrows pointing down is the leading edge, or the beginning of the substrate.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png


Page Preview

Zooms directly in on the object to be printed, ignore media widths and height. This also only shows one copy; if you have more than one copy of the design to be printed, it will still only show one.



Panel Preview

If your print job is larger than your material, you can tile the job into panels, as shown in RIP and Print Dialog - Panel Tab. You can view the panels this way without switching to the Panel tab.



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