Edit Contour Color Settings

This article is in reference to the Edit Contour Colors option in the RIP and Print and Cut/Plot Dialog windows. For more information, see those articles:

Before Job


When you double click a contour color or click Edit..., it opens up a dialogue that allows you change plotter settings for that specific contour, such as pressure, speed, etc. Many have existing presets. All settings in this box are device specific, meaning these come from the manufacturer. Each machine will be different. Any options or settings that are plotter specific means you will need to go to the manufacturer for more information.

These options can only edit settings that exist on the plotter. If you uncheck the box on the left hand side, then it will use the setting that exists on the plotter. 

Cut Presets


Lists existing preset options. Plotter specific. Setting this option to None means the plotter will use all the existing settings on its end.
mceclip1.png Cut settings. Plotter specific. Unchecking the box on the left hand side will cause that option to default to the existing setting on the plotter. This way you can choose to set up the cut entirely on the plotter.



Deletes the selected preset.

Save Preset


Takes the existing cut settings and saves them a preset for frequent use.

Import and Export

mceclip7.png mceclip8.png

Imports and Exports an existing preset. You can copy these settings to another computer or keep these settings backed up.



Resets everything on this window back to factory default. This includes all presets you may have saved or deleted. If you exported a preset, you can import it again and restore it.

GCode Command Linemceclip10.png

This lists out all the gcode commands that flexi will send to your plotter for advanced uses or troubleshooting. This line is not editable.


After Job


Some plotters allow you to perform an action after the job is finished cutting. This tab will be plotter specific. See your plotter manual or reach out to your plotter manufacturer for more info.




These send a macro to your machine to perform some sort of task, such as roll out the substrate, offset the knife, and more. These are plotter specific. Select the macro and click Send.

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