Toolpath Overview

Part of any design process is creating toolpaths used to machine the final piece. There are several key topics for creating toolpaths.


Toolpaths are derived from the contours in a design. Contours can define toolpath boundaries in the case of a fill pattern, or toolpaths can trace the inside, outside, or the path of a contour.

All toolpaths are generated exclusively of line and arc segments. Bezier segments will be temporarily converted to lines and arcs for toolpath generation

Toolpath Groups

Toolpaths are automatically grouped with the contour they are derived from, creating a toolpath group. Any subsequent toolpaths generated from the same contour are added to the same toolpath group.

Contours can only belong to a single toolpath group. If there is a need to generate a toolpath using a group of contours, and generate another toolpath from a contour within the same group, a copy of the contour will have to be created for the individual toolpath.

When duplicate contours are used, it is best to keep the individual contour in a separate layer to avoid confusion


Toolpath strategy determines what kind of toolpath will be generated (FillEngravingSlot, etc). Each strategy has a complete set of parameters to define the final shape of the toolpath. Because the strategy determines the shape of the final toolpath, EnRoute always refers to the toolpath by the chosen strategy, not the toolpath.


The plan is all of the strategies within any toolpath group.


Each toolpath strategy is made up of one or more cuts. For instance, a fill can contain a Rough cut, a Fine cut, and a Clean cut. Each cut uses a different tool and different parameters.


At each step in the toolpath creation process it is possible to save a set of parameters to be used as a template to automate the process.

Cut Template - Saves parameters associated with individual cuts

Strategy Template - Saves strategy parameters and any parameters associated with cuts within the strategy

Plan Template - Saves all associated strategy parameters for a toolpath group and all cut parameters within all associated cuts

Templates can be applied to new contours and recreate all the work for the original toolpath.


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