Open Contour Offset Toolpaths

Generate toolpaths similar to Routing Offset toolpaths, except for open contours.




Activating the Open Contour Offset tool will open the strategy dialogue. Use the Strategy Dialogue to add and remove cuts and define strategy parameters.


Define which side of the contour to place the toolpath. Left or Right of the contour is determined as if facing in the direction of the contour. Middle will follow the path of the contour.







With Relief

When open contour offset toolpaths cross design boundaries, it can be beneficial to have the tool enter the material at both ends. When a tool exits materials like wood, it can cause a blowout where the material breaks apart at the edge. The With Relief option allows a segment at the end of the toolpath to be defined where the tool will move in the opposite direction so that it enters the design rather than exits.

The image below displays a contour with the option enabled. Note that at the right end of the cut, the arrow is reversed.

Relief Length The length of the toolpath at the end that the tool will move back in from the end
Relief Overlap Distance to overlap the two cuts to ensure a clean cut
Cut End First When selected, the Relief section of the toolpath will be cut first

Cut Parameters

The Cut Parameters are similar to the Routing Offset toolpaths with a few exceptions.

  • 3D toolpaths cannot be created for open contours.

  • The direction of the cut is defined by the direction of the contour.

  • Open contours can be used to cut out wide areas by specifying the cut width.

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