Cut Statistics (EnRoute)

Generate a report for the currently active job that estimates the total time to complete the job, based on the total distance covered, and machine specific parameters.

Cut Statistic Preferences

Before generating a report, the cut statistics estimator needs to be configured in Preferences, under the Cut Statistics tab.

Cut Time Estimator Select which estimation method to use. Standard takes into account acceleration and deceleration. Simplified and Legacy only estimate straight line speed along the contours.
Cut Factor A scaling factor to calibrate the estimation to match real world values.
Tool Change Interval The required time to change tools
Maximum Speed Maximum machine movement speed

Acceleration Angles

The acceleration and deceleration angles approximate how quickly the machine changes speed and are only valid when using the Standard estimator. 45 degrees is the default value and represents a steady change in speed. Larger angles will estimate that the machine changes speed more rapidly, and smaller angles will estimate that the machine changes speed more slowly. This can be calibrated to match estimation times to real world machine times.

Cut Statistics Report

After defining the cut statistics preferences, reports can be generated to estimate job time. With toolpaths created in the active workspace, activate the Cut Statistics tool to generate a report. The report has 3 main sections:


General information for the active job.

Line Count Number of straight line segments
Arc Count Number of arc segments
Feed Count Number of movements in material
Rapid Count Number of movements above the material
Total Moves Total number of machine movements to job completion
Tool Changes Number of tool changes
Tool Lifts Number of Tool Lifts
Factor The scaling factor applied to the estimate


Estimates for the distance the machine will travel to complete the job.

Feed Distance Movement distance in material
Rapid Distance Movement distance above the material
Total Distance Total distance covered for this job


Estimates for time to complete the job.

Feed Time The time spent in the material
Rapid Time The time spent above the material
Tool Change Time Time spent changing tools, defined in preferences
Total Time Total estimated time to job completion
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