Configure Machine Drivers

Select and configure Machine Drivers for a specific machine.

Machine Drivers are also referred to as Post Processors. The driver or post processor interprets the output from EnRoute and translates it into a format that can be recognized by a specific machine.

In the Machine Drivers dialogue, select the driver to configure from the Current Driver list. The Current Driver list shows drivers that have been marked as active; if the driver for a specific machine is not shown open the Active Drivers dialogue and add it to the list of active drivers.


Driver Description
Name Name of the driver file
Model Model of the driver
Description A brief description of the driver, such as the model of the machine or the type of driver
Driver Parameters
Width Machine width (typically the X axis dimension)
Height Machine height (typically the Y axis dimension)
Z Lift The maximum Z axis dimension
Driver Speeds

Values in this category are limited by the machine capabilities so that it is not possible to define a speed that the machine is not capable of. These values are set by the manufacturer and it is not recommended to change them.

The units in this category are defined by the manufacturer based on the units used by the controllers. It is not recommended to change the units.

Spindle Speed Default spindle speed to use if no spindle speed is specified
Feed Default feed rates the machine moves in the X and Y axis if not specified in toolpath output. Above the Material refers to speeds moving between toolpaths and Within the Material refers to speeds when cutting material.
Plunge Default Z axis speed moving in and out of cut.
Dwell A minimum dwell time after entering the material to allow the tool to clear chips before beginning a cut.
Driver Units

These are units set by the manufacturer that are expected by the machine controller. As described above, it is not recommended to change these units.

The default units can be restored at any time by selecting the Use Defaults button.

Communication Parameters

These parameters are used to communicate with the machine when sending output directly and are defined by the manufacturer.

Many machines are not designed to receive information directly from the software. Check with the manufacturer to find out what communication parameters should be used if appropriate.
Do Not Change These Values unless you know for sure the changes are correct. If specified incorrectly, speeds and distances will not be communicated correctly to the machine
After a driver is configured it is typically not required to edit the configuration again, except to change tools loaded in a tool changer if the machine has one.

Configuring a Tool Changer

Specify if the selected machine has a tool changer and select the specific tools present.


Auto Tool Changer

Enables auto tool changer for the specific machine

Number of Tools

Number of tools in the tool changer

Edit Tools

Edit the specific tools loaded at each position in the tool changer

Add Tool Add a new tool in the selected position
Remove Tool Remove a tool from the selected position
Empty Turret Clear all tool selections
  • Use the drop down list for each position to select the type of tool loaded in that position

  • Click OK to accept the tool changer configuration

Configuring a Drill Bank

Configure an available boring head as a drill bank. The configuration must match the machine configuration and drill arrangement to function correctly. EnRoute also supports horizontal drills.

Check the Has drill bank parameter and click the Click to Edit button to open the drill bank configuration dialogue.

  1. Set the Number of drill tools that are present on the machine

  2. For Each Drill Tool:

    1. Select the type of Drill Tool that is loaded into that position from the pull down list

      Tools must be added to the Tool Library before they can be added to the drill bank
    2. Define the X, Y and Z location of the tool

    3. Define the tool direction. Drills commonly point down in the -Z direction, but they can be configured to point in other cardinal directions to match a machine configuration.

      If Horizontal bores are used, it is very important that the machine driver is properly configured. Please contact EnRoute Technical Support before implementing horizontal bores.

      This location information is used to create the final output and it is very important it is correct. It may be necessary to get the location from the manufacturer.

  3. Click OK to accept the drill bank configuration

After defining a drill bank, it can be disabled at any time by disabling the Has drill bank parameter. The drill bank configuration parameters will be retained and reloaded the next time the drill bank is enabled.

It is important to verify the selected driver is capable of supporting a drill bank. Not all drivers can support the correct output commands. If unsure, check with the manufacturer or contact EnRoute Technical Support.


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