Transferring Preferences and Settings

Note: If you used the "Copy settings from another installation" option while installing (see: Installing Flexi), all of these settings will have been transferred, including the folders from the "Additional Notes" section at the bottom.

  1. Save your work and close any Flexi or Production Manager you have open.
  2. In the original installation that you want to transfer the settings FROM: Open your Preference Manager tool.
    • You can find your preference manager in two ways:

      • Click on your Windows Start Menu and type in “Preference Manager.” This will open up the Preference Manager for your latest installation.

      • Find your Preference Manager in your Flexi Installation. If you are transferring preferences to a new installation on the same computer, you will very likely have to find the installation folder. You can find it here:


  1. A small window will pop up looking like this:
    • Note: With "Factory Defaults" selected, you can click Load and it will reset ALL settings and preferences to their basic, default settings as though it were a freshly installed program. This will clear out ALL temporary files, including the jobs in Production Manager.
  • Click “Save.” You will have the option to name your preset. Name it something that you will easily remember. A suggested name might be today’s date so you know when you created it if you need to reference it later.

  • Once the preferences are saved, click on the new name in the listing and then click “Export.” It will save a .pmf file with the name you created. Save that file in a place where you know where to find it.


  1. Open your preference manager in the installation you want to transfer your preferences TO.
    • Click “Import” and find the .pmf file you created. You will get a dialogue box saying it was imported and asking if you want to load it now. Clicking yes will load your preferences into Flexi and Production Manager.
    • You’re all set!


Additional Notes

The following items are what will be saved and transferred by following the steps above:

  • Your printer and cutter setups and any associated default settings
  • Your “Preferences” options normally found in Edit > Preferences in Flexi
  • Your tool bar and swatch table arrangements in Flexi

Any jobs that show up in Production Manager as a result are not useable; it only has the list of jobs, not the print or cut data. Those should be deleted.


There are some things that are not saved by the preference manager. You can copy those over by copying the corresponding folder over to the new installation. These folders are found in the same place as your Preference Manager (and are noted in parentheses in the following list)

  • Customized Swatch Tables (Swatch)
  • Job Presets in RIP & Print in Flexi or Job Properties in Production Manager (Devices)
  • Styles and Templates (Styles / Templates)
  • ICC and Color Profiles (ICCProfile)
  • Finished Print or Cut jobs that were Archived (Jobs and Settings > Archive)
  • Fonts (These are not managed by Flexi. They are managed by Windows. You will have to copy your Windows Font folder over, typically found at C:\Windows\Fonts)

    These folders are highlighted in blue below.


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