Activating your License and Downloading Flexi

After you’ve received your email containing your Activation Code, head over to Once there you will see an option on the left-hand side to enter your activation code. Type or copy paste your activation code there and click Activate.


 On the following page, you will be prompted to create a new SAi Cloud Account. Create your account by entering your email. If you have an existing account, select the respective option.Create_SAi_Cloud_Account.jpg

Once your account is created, your Activation code and license will become associated with your account. Your activation code will never change. You can now log back in to the SAi Cloud. Locate your license and click "View".

This next page has all of your license information. Note the location of several important pieces of information relevant to your account.

At the bottom, there will be a download button. Click it to download the software installer.New_License_Info.jpg


The web browser will have downloaded an executable file. You will have to locate it (usually on the bottom of your screen for Chrome and Edge, or the Down Arrow at the top right in Firefox.) Open the file.

Flexi 22

If you are downloading Flexi 22, the Executable file contains the installation package and is ready to go. Double click it to get started. See: Installing Flexi 22


Flex 21 and earlier

The software will then download. Please wait for its completion. It may take just a few minutes on fast internet connections or up to 30 minutes if your internet is slow.



Note: If you are having issues with this step (ie, the bar turns red and says "Error") this is always due to some internet or networking issue. Most frequently, we've found that the antivirus or the firewall is blocking the downloader. If your internet drops mid download, this can also cause it to error out.


Once it is finished downloading, you will get a prompt to being installing. Click Yes.



For help installing your software, see the following: Installing Flexi 21 and earlier


The license can only be removed from a computer six times per year without an additional cost.

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