Managing your Flexi License

Locating your Activation Code. 

Go to, log in and identify the software license that you are currently working with. Click on the "View" button. 

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On this screen, the activation code is in the upper left hand corner of the page.

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License Manager

Your license of Flexi includes a utility to help you manage your License. When you are installing Flexi, a Window will pop up asking you for your activation code. This is the License Manager and it will help you control the License that ensures the authenticity of your software.

Locating your License Manager

There are several ways to locate your License Manager. We recommend putting a shortcut to it on your desktop once you find it (Right click -> Create Shortcut)

  • Open your Windows Start menu and type in License Manager. The Windows search function should be able to find it.
  • Navigate to your Flexi installation folder, typically found at C:\Program Files (x86)\SAi\SAi Production Suite 19. Your License Manager will be located in this folder.
    • Folder names may not be exact depending on your version of the software.
  • If you have a shortcut on your desktop, right click it and then click Open File Path. You will need to go one folder up.

Using License Manager


  • Check For License Updates will look for an updated license on our servers.

  • Import A License File is used if you have to manually download your license from your account at This is useful if your computer will not have a consistent internet connection or the license manager cannot reach our servers. You can find that download link here.Download_License.png
  • Remove License From this Computer allows you to install and license Flexi onto another computer.

Troubleshooting Issues with your License

  • If your software will not open and says “No Valid License Can Be Found” or shuts down during use, use Check for License Updates to get an updated license. Ensure your expiration date is not in the past (the format is DD-MM-YYYY).

  • “This software is currently licensed for use on another computer.” This means that your license is already attached to another computer. Go to the old computer and use the Remove License From This Computer option to release the license. Then enter the Activation Code in again on the new computer. If you do not have access to that computer, then please call our Technical Support line.

  • If your license is up to date and current, and your license is showing correctly in the License Manager, but Flexi still will not open, find the Install Manager utility using the same method from above you used to find your License Manager.
    • Simply click OK. It will process for a moment and then finish. Then try to open Flexi.


  • “This license is not for use on THIS computer.” This happens when a hardware change has occurred (such as putting in new RAM or swapping out the hard drive.) This requires a more technical fix. If you experience this error, please contact our Technical Support.            


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