Changing the Language of Flexi/Using Install Manager

Flexi can operate in whatever language you desire. To change the language of an existing Flexi Installation. This is also useful if you want to use characters or a keyboard of a different language, but note the font you use must support that character set if you are using something

    1. Locate the "Install Manager" utility in Flexi
      • Click on your Windows Start Menu or Search Bar and type in Install Manager
      • Locate the utility by going to C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite XX and double click it
    2. Install manager will open. Select your desired Language from the drop down. 

    3. Change options if desired
      • "Install to Desktop" will place shortcuts on your desktop and flag this installation of Flexi as your default installation to Windows (if you have multiple copies installed)
      • "Clear Applications Previous Preferences" will reset all settings in Flexi and Production Manager to default, reverting the software to factory defaults.
    4. Click "OK". The utility will run briefly then close without any further messages, applying the selected settings.
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