Arc Text Tool

(see also: Text Overview and Text Control Points)

The Arc Text Tool will allow you to write text along a circular arc on the inside or outside.


Creating Arc Text


  • Select the Arc Text Tool.
  • Click and drag to define the radius and center of the circle the text will be positioned on.
    • The cursor will be placed at the point where you started when creating the circle.
  • Hold Ctrl and drag to draw the circle from the center point.
  • Hold Shift and drag to constrain the Starting Angle.
  • Type the text.


  • Hit Enter to move to the bottom side of the arc. See below for more options regarding this.

Arc Text Settings

The Art Text Tool changes DesignCentral with the standard Character and Paragraph tabs (explained in the Text Overview article), plus a third tab, the arc tab. You can combine many of the effects below.


Arc Radius

Increases or decreases the radius of the arc from the center point for a flatter or rounder arc, respectively.

Starting Angle

Determines the starting point along the arc for the text. Default is 90°, at the top.

Line Style

Determines the placement of the next line of text.

  • The Top/Bottom Style can only produce 2 lines of text
  • The Multiple Lines Style can produce as many lines as there is space for. Increase the radius to allow for more room. The Lines will work toward the center, but will not cross it.

mceclip3.png Top/Bottom Style                    mceclip5.png Multiple Lines Style

mceclip16.png   mceclip4.png


Starting Line

Determines where the first line is on the arc.

mceclip7.png First Line on Top                    mceclip8.png First Line on Bottom

mceclip6.png mceclip9.png

Text Alignment

Determines the alignment of the first line of text in relation to the arc.

mceclip10.png First Line Above Circle    mceclip11.png First Line on Circle     mceclip12.png First Line Below Circle

mceclip13.png  mceclip14.png  mceclip15.png



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