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QR Codes are widely used for websites, airlines tickets, product labeling and entertainment. Information is stored in a code that can be read back by the camera of a smartphone. QR code readers will scan the code and take the necessary action, which could be opening a website, bookmark a page, start a phone call, send emails, etc


To convert text to QR Code

  • Select the text using the Select Tool or a Text tool.
  • From the Text menu, point to QR Code and select Text to QR Code



Reading the above QR code will open up the thinksai.com website.

You can adjust the following parameters in Design Central. If you are not sure what these functions do, it is usually best to leave them at default.


QR Code Type These are predetermined formats for QR Codes. Selecting embeds certain functionality that a device can use (such as automatically opening a web page on a smart phone).
Version Determines the QR Code Version (M1-M4, 1-40). Automatic will pick the format that's right for your text. The version also determines the physical size and number of alignment nodes.
Data Type Determines the type the QR Data is stored in the code. Alphanumeric or Byte Data is most common.
Error Correction Determines how much of the QR Code can be missing if the label is damaged in some way. A higher value means the QR Code can restore up to the percentage lost, but the QR Code is bigger as a result. The three positioning nodes can't have been damaged, however.
Edit... Opens a dialogue box to edit the text content of the QR Code.

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