Path Text Tool

(see also: Text Overview and Text Control Points)

The Path Text Tool allows you to apply text to an existing Path. The Path can be an open or closed path. It can even be part of a shape or other effect. There are two tools for this: Path Text Tool and Vertical Path Text Tool. You can find them on the Text flyout on the Main Toolbar.


Horizontal Path Text Tool

This tool places the text so that the path is always directly below the base of the text. You can use the text control points and handles as described in Text Control Points along these paths as well.

  • Select the Path Text Tool
  • Click on an existing path.
    • The first point you click will determine the starting point for the text
  • Begin typing. The text will follow the path.


If you want the text to be on the under side of the path, click the Flip Path Text in the Paragraph Tab of DesignCentral

mceclip3.png mceclip4.png


Again, this feature works on existing shapes as well. If you delete the path or shape, the text will still remember the shape. If you type beyond the end of a path, the text will follow the last projection.

mceclip5.png   mceclip6.png mceclip8.png


Vertical Path Text Tool mceclip2.png

The Vertical Path Text Tool works much the same way, except that it rotates the text 90° to make the assumption that the line is vertical. DesignCentral will appear as it does for normal text.

mceclip0.png      mceclip1.png




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