Text Styles

(see also: Text Overview)

Text Styles are an easy way to store frequently used Text settings (including font, size, font style, and more) for later and repeated use.


To access Text Styles, go to Text > Text Styles in the main menu. You'll notice a few options in the submenu.


Copy and Paste Style

Select the text with the desired attributes (either the entire Text Object or select specific text with the Text Tool), then select Copy Style as shown above. This will copy every setting in the DesignCentral window including:

  • Font
  • Font Style (such as BoldItalic, etc., if available)
  • Font Size
  • Character Width
  • Tracking
  • Vertical Offset
  • Orientation

Then select a different text object, or specific text with the Text Tool and select Paste Style. The above attributes will the copy to the selected text.



Store and Apply Styles

If you have a style you want to apply to a lot of objects, you can store a style for frequent use.

  • Set up some text with the attributes you want
  • Select the Text object
  • In the Main Menu, go to Text > Text Styles > Store Style
  • Give the Style a name and click OK.

The Style will be stored for later use.


To apply a style:

  • Select the text you want to apply the attributes to
  • Go to Text > Text Styles > Apply Style
  • A dialogue box with styles will show up.
    • You can manage your existing styles by deleting or renaming styles.
  • Select the desired style from the list and click OK.

The Style will now be applied to the selected text.

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